Teacher Administration Made Effortless

Studiate helps teachers handle their administration smarter, better, faster.

Streamline your administration

Studiate takes care of scheduling, invoicing, payments, and bookkeeping. So that you can focus on your teaching.


Automate your scheduling

Set your availability and allow students to make appointments in your available timeslots. Accept or decline incoming appointments from students with a single click. Schedule and re-schedule students while simultaneously notifying them.

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No handmade invoices

Choose your fees and policies, and Studiate will automatically create invoices and send them to your students. Make fast one time invoices for clients. Easily track the status of your invoices and when necessary send reminders.

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Easily accept payments

Give students the options of scheduling single appointments or subscriptions, and accept all payment options including iDeal, creditcard, or automatic monthly direct debit. Studiate works with Mollie, so your payments are secure.

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Bookkeeping becomes simple

With integrated invoices and payments, difficult bookkeeping is something from the past. Be in control and always have a good overview of your financial situation. Do the bookkeeping yourself or hand it over to your bookkeeping professional.

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Register expenses fast

No more registering all of your expenses at the end of the quarter. Just register your expenses on the go with your phone. Register your expenses per category and have a clear overview of your big expenses during the year.

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Taxes calculated for you

With all your administration in one place. Filling in the taxes, becomes child play. Simply open the reports page to find your financial tax information and just copy paste the numbers. Or send the information to your tax professional.

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Be in control of your administration

See how Studiate helps you manage all your administration in one place.

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